Solomon Islands Elections 2010

2010 Election Results

No.ConstituencyNamePolitical Party Occupation/QualificationWinning VotesPercentage of Winning Votes to Total Votes Casted
1Aoke-Langa LangaMatthew Cooper WaleSIDPChartered Public Accountant168137.3
2Baegu-AsifolaToswell KauaIndependentPGDip Education103723.7
3Central GuadalcanalPeter Shannel AgouvakaOUR Party Civil Engineer252655.4
4Central HoniaraJohn Moffat FuguiPAPFormer Political Advisor/MA124014.9
5Central Kwara'aeJackson FiulauaIndependent Private Businessman293645.5
6Central MakiraHypolite TaremaeIndependent Rural Farmer136033.9
7East 'Are'areAndrew Hanaria KeniasinaPCPPrivate Businessman100024.9
8East Central GuadalcanalJoseph OnikaOUR PartyFormer National Athlete113325.3
9East ChoiseulManasseh Sogavare DamukanaOUR Party Masters in Management Studies 191372.3
10East GuadalcanalBraddley TovosiaIndependentFormer Member of Assembly, Guadalcanal Province1630-
11East HoniaraDouglas EteDDP Former Civil Servant/ CEO MHMS317838.7
12East KwaioStanley Festus SofuSIDPMechanic397368.9
13East MakiraAlfred GhiroSIDPFormer Member of Provincial Assembly, Makira Ulawa Province148022.9
14East MalaitaManasseh MaelangaSIDP Former Police Officer284573.9
15FatalekaSteve William AbanaSIDP Diploma in Tropical Agriculture1954-
16Gao-BugotuSamuel ManetoaliRural Urban Political Party Lawyer247966.9
17Gizo-KolombangaraGordon Darcy LiloSIPRA Master of Development and Administration, ANU194240.6
18Hograno-Kia-HavuleiSelwyn RiumanaIndependent MA in Agriculture,National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan 146135.3
19Lau-MbaeleleaWalter FolotaluSIDP Former Police Officer2370-
20Malaita Outer IslandsMartin Kialoe SIDP---
21Maringe-KokotaVarian LonameiIndependent Democratic PartyDiploma in Commerce, University of Technology, Papua New Guinea 138532.7
22MarovoSnyder RiniIndependent BA in Accountancy252037.2
23NgellaMark Roboliu KemakezaIndependentDiploma Finance and Administration, University of the South Pacific Centre, Honiara196624.5
24North East GuadalcanalDerek David SikuaLiberal PartyDoctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the Field of Educational Decentralisation – The University of Waikato, NZ. 253556.3
25North GuadalcanalMartin SophageIndependentPrivate Businessman 148931.4
26North MalaitaJimmy LusibaeaIndependentMechanic309152.0
27North New GeorgiaJob Duddley TausingaSIPRABA, University of Papua New Guinea 141974.2
28North Vella La VellaMilner TozakaPAPPostgraduate Diploma in Management & Sociology, University of South Pacific (USP)122545.1
29North West ChoiseulConnelly SadakabatuIndependent140830.0
30North West GuadalcanalHorst Bobo DettkeIndependentPrivate Businessman2,22841.6
31Rannogga-SimboCharles SigotoRDP-SINursing Officer148539.3
32Rennell-BellonaSeth GukunaPCPMaster of Business Administration, University of the South Pacific88247.9
33Savo-RussellsDickson Mua PanakitasiOur PartyTeacher184042.7

Steve Laore(died 25 Aug 2010)

Chris Laore

Private Businessman/ Mechanic


35Small MalaitaRick HounipwelaSIDPEconomist1677-
36South ChoiseulElijah Doro MualaSINPAccountant63517.7
37South GuadalcanalDavid Day PachaSIDPReverend--
38South New Georgia-Rendova-TetepareDanny PhilipRDP-SIFormer Member of Parliament/ Chairman Parliamentary Entitlements Commission157939.4
39South Vella La VellaLionel AlexIndependent-99726.5
40Temotu NendeCommins Aston MewaIndependentProvincial Administrator/Private Businessman146729.9
41Temotu PeleMartin MaggaIndependentDiploma in Diplomacy,University of Papua New Guinea 897-
42Temotu VatudClay Forau SoalaoiPeople's Federation PartyDiploma in Secondary Teaching (Science), Solomon Islands College of Higher Education 602-
43Ulawa-UgiJames ToraSIDPAttended Honiara Technical Institute64126.1
44West 'Are'areJohn ManeniaraIndependentPrivate Business128132.2
45West GuadalcanalMoses GaruSIDPFormer Bank Officer100623.3
46West HoniaraNamson TranIndependentPrivate Businessman449957.7
47West KwaioPeter TomSIDPReverend 155035.0
48West Kwara'aeSam Shemuel IduriSIDPTeacher145118.2
49West MakiraDick Ha'amoriDDPMA- Science Education87118.6
50West New Georgia- VonavonaSilas Kerry Vaqara TausingaSIPRAFormer Bank Officer148727.7

10 August


I have just been reminded that Martin Magga, who has been sick and bed-ridden for some time now has retained the seat for Temotu Pele. His re-election is a clear indication that though he is ill, he has performed quiet well in the last House, hence the high level of confidence voters still have for him.

Clay Forau Soalaoi has also retained the Temotu Vatud seat. Temotu Vatud Constituency is one of the most remote in Solomon Islands and it consists of the small group of islands east of Temotu, often referred to as 'the outer islands',which includes Vanikolo,Anuta, Tikopia, Utupua and Duff Islands.

East Guadalcanal constituency now has a new Member of Parliament. He is Braddley Tovusia who unseated three-termer Johson Koli. Mr. Tovosia is a former Member of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly.


Walter Folotalu has retained the Lau Mbaelelea seat. His victory came after the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, upon advice from the Attorney-General's Office, ordered the counting for the constituency to go ahead despite the fact that some ballot papers were burnt by angry voters.

Speaking to Solomon Star, the Chairman of the Commission, who is also the Speaker of Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea said that "it is only the High Court that has the powers to make any order it sees as just, including making an order for re-election".

"Under the Act, any aggrieved candidate can lodge a petition in the High Court," Sir Peter said.

The successful re-election of Folotalu now further increases the number of SIDP members in Parliament, puting them in a favourable bargaining position to lobby for support to lead the next government.

9 August


Former Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua has been re-elected for North East Guadalcanal. His successful re-election means that the Liberal Party will now have representation in the new Parliament and further strengthens the presence of former CNURA members in the House.

Prior to the election, Liberal Party and SIDP have publicly delcared their intention to form a government after signing a MOU obligating them to merge and form a government should they get re-elected.


Peter Shanel has retained the Central Guadalcanal Parliamentary Seat. He is a member of OUR Party, and the second of the only two surviving trustees of the party.

Newcomer Moses Garu has won the West Guadalcanal seat. He is a member of the Solokmon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP). The former MP for the constituency Laurie Chan had decided not to re-contest the seat in the recent election.

8 August


In West Makira, former GCCG political advisor and SICHE Director, Dick Ha'amori has won the election beating two former politicians, Jackson Suna'one and Japhet Waipora.

Dick Ha'amori is a member of the Direct Democratic Party (DDP).


Former Minister for Provincial Government David Day Pacha has retained the South Guadalcanal seat. His win now makes the total number of SIDP winning candidates to 8.


Former MP, James Tora has retained the seat for Ulawa-Ugi, defeating former Governor-General, Nathaniel Waena.

7 August


Long-serving politician and former Prime Minister Sir Kemakeza has been unseated by newcomer Dickson Mua PANAKITASI of Nukufero in Russel Islands.


Stanley Festus Sofu has retained the East Kwaio seat while in Shortlands, former MP Augustine Taneko has been unseated by newcomer Steve Laore.

Interestingly, politics in New Georgia is becoming a family affair and history is in the making with the successful election of West New Georgia's new MP, Silas Kerry Vaqara Tausinga, the son of longest serving Solomon Islands politician. For the first time there will be a father and son in Parliament serving at the same time. As reported by Solomon Times online the former bank officer is confirmed to have beaten two-termer former Parliament Peter Boyers for the West New Georgia seat.

In Central Makira Hypolite Taremae has unseated Bernard Ghiro and for Central Honiara John Moffat Fuguiis the winner. Namson Tran has been confirmed winner for West Honiara.


Former MP, Mark Kemakeza has retained the seat for Ngella Constituency.

Former Central Bank Governor Rick Houenipwela has unseated former Minister ffor Foreign Affairs and Trade William Ni'i Haomae.

Martin Sophage has retained his North Guadalcanal seat.

Selwyn Riumana has retained the Hograno-Kia-Havulei seat.

Milna Tozaka has once secured another parliamentary term with his convincing win of the ballot count for North Vella La Vella constituency.

6 August ,


In East Honiara Douglas Ete has won the poll with 1278 votes ahead of Charles Dausabea with 916.


Danny Philip has unseated Francis Zama for the South New Georgia Rendova &Tetepari seat


Latest on the loop- Rasta Jimmy has won the seat North Malaita and Namson Tran, Honiara businessman is leading the count for West Honiara with a significant margin.

Sam Iduri has retained his seat for West Kwara'ae

John Maneniaru has unseated Severino Nuaiasi for the West Are'are seat.


Steve Abana has retained his Fataleka seat.


Fred Fono has been unseated by Jackson Fialaua, private businessman and owner of Rarasu lodge in Auki.

Another businessman Bobo Dettke has also outseated two-termer, Siriako Usa for the North West Guadalcanal seat. Bobo polled 2400 ahead of Usa's 1094.


In western Province there are few new faces in South Vella La Vella constituency with Lional ALEX and Charles SIGOTO of Rannoga/Simbo defeating long-serving politician Francis Billy Hilly. Old blokes like Gordon Darcy LILO of Gizo/Kolombangara, Job Dudley TAUSINGA of North New Georgia and Snyder RINI of Marovo have also retained their seats.

In Malaita, Toswell KAUA for Baegu/Asifola, Mannaseh MAELANGA for East Malaita, Matthew WALE for Aoke/Langalanga, Peter TOM for West Kwaio all successfully reclaimed their Parliamentary positions in the House. So far only one new Member, Mr. Andrew Hanaria KENIASINA for East Are Are has been declared winner. As we know the former MP for this particular constituency passed away just before the dissolution of the last House.

For Rennell/Belona Province former diplomat Seth GUKUNA has retained his seat by a significant margin.

In the last elections, Isabel Province has been the province with very high political-turnover of 100 percent in the last two elections. However, things have changed and two of their former MPs, Varian LONAMEI and Samuel MANETOALI for Maringe/Kokota and Gao/Bugotu respectively, have both won the ballot count.

In Choiseul Province with the retirement of their former MP Leslie Boseto, Elijah Doro MUALA has won the election for South Choiseul. Former and two-time Prime Minister and leader of OUR Party Manasseh Damukana SOGAVARE has also convincingly retained his East Choiseul seat. In North West Choiseul Connelly SADAKABATU has been polled winner, defeating another two-termer and former Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Clement Pikabatu Kengava.

Temotu Nende also have a new MP. He is Commins Mewa who defeated long time politician Patterson Oti.

5th August, 4pm

Counting in Makira have started! However, with the late arrival of ballot boxes it is very likely that the results will not come out until tomorrow.

Ongoing updates and counting at Marovo shows a very big lead by Rev. Philemon Riti - 1,060 votes, followed by Snyder Rini - 160 votes and Ivan Gai - 200 votes. There are 16 more polling station boxes remain to be counted.

Its Official! Seth Gukuna has retained his seat with 832 votes.

In Aoke-Langa Langa in the early stage of counting the race is between former MP Matthew Wale and Billy Manu. In North Malaita, Jimmy Lusibaea 'Rasta' is leading after a count of 3 ballot boxes. At West Kwaio former MP and Pastor,Peter Tom is leading the early count.

At Gizo-Kolombangara, former MP Gordon Darcy Lilo is leading the count and in West Honiara not surprisingly, Namson Tran, Honiara casino owner is leading. Duddley Ete, a former unionist, is leading East Honiara

It is official! Job Duddley Tausinga has won his seat again, for the seventh consecutive parliamentary term, a record for any Solomon Islands parliamentarian.

Reports from Solo said that the veteran politician has won his two other opponents by a remarkable margin. His win signifies the prevailing control and influence of religion through the Christian Fellowship Church (CFC)over the voters throughout North New Georgia.

At South Malaita, former Central Bank Governor Rick Hou is maintaining a tight lead over his closest rival, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, William Haomae. Hou was tipped as the favourite to win in the South Malaita Constituency prior to the election.

At North West Guadalcanal, private businessman, Bobo Dettke is leading the race, followed by Siriako Usa, the outgoing MP.

In Makira, counting will start most probably tomorrow (Friday) as MV. Haurosi is still going around the island collecting ballot boxes.

Connting continues elsewhere in the country.

Elekson Stories

Reports from Honiara have suggested that Namson Tran, Honiara private businessman is the ‘hot’ candidate for West Honiara. Eyewitnesses this afternoon (3rd August 2010) said that Namson’s crowd of supporters was enormous as they engulfed the streets of Honiara from both the roads and the sea using vehicles and OBM-powered boats. Hearing this reminds me of the East Honiara by-election last year when supporters of Silas Milikada literally overtaken the streets of Honiara to publicly show their support for their ‘man’.

Coincidently both men have used similar campaign tactics, dishing out thousands of dollars in cash and kind to their supporters and to lure others that are not. Both men are known private businessmen. However, the irony is that for Silas Milikada he has decided to contest this election at his native Marovo, instead of East Honiara, leaving behind thousands of disgruntled voters. This move was not surprising as his ‘almost two- year’ performance as MP for East Honiara was widely regarded by voters as unsatisfactory and unproductive.

From this situation one thing is clear, that even with money one’s fate in Parliament is not guaranteed. The most important thing for Members of Parliament is that they ought to perform to some level of satisfaction for voters. Hence, I believe that to be a better performer an MP must poses relevant level of education. This is totally undeniable.

However, in North Malaita supporters of Jimmy Lusibaea, a.k.a Jimmy Rasta, who is best known as one of the ex- Senior Commanders of Malaita Eagle Force do not believe that some respectable level of education is necessary for a person to become a productive Member of Parliament.

Tipped as the most likely candidate to win the election in the North Malaita constituency, Solomon Star reported that Mr. Rasta was criticised by his opponents that he does not have the qualification to deliver in Parliament and become a constructive voice for his constituency should he becomes their MP. This preposition was dismayed by Rasta’s supporters who said that his education background is irrelevant and that he (Rasta) is the right person to represent them in Parliament as he has the heart and commitment to help his people and that he is their warrior (Ramo) and they have total confidence on him to lead them.

Rasta is not the only ex-militant vying for a parliamentary seat in the upcoming elections. Some characters/ individuals that have been allegedly linked to either sides of the conflict are also standing as candidates in other constituencies of the country.

On a more serious note, the country’s first Prime Minister and the current Speaker of Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea has predicted in a public forum last Sunday, as reported by Solomon Star, that it is highly likely that more than half of the outgoing/ former MPs of the 8th Parliament will not retain their seats.

Hence, it will be indeed interesting to see how the long-serving outgoing MP’s will measure in tomorrow’s elections. The long serving MP’s who are re-contesting their seats include Francis Billy Hilly(6 terms), Job Duddley Tausinga 6 terms),Sir Allan Kemakeza(5 terms),Johnson Koli(3 terms), Fred Fono (3 terms), Manasseh Sogavare3 terms),Snyder Rini, Patterson Oti ( 3 terms),William Haomae (3 terms)and Enele Kwanairara 3 terms ).

Others who have served their second terms in Parliament and are also re-contesting are Gordon Darcy Lilo,Trevor Olavae, Bernard Ghiro, Nollen Leni, Siriako Usa, August Taneko, Francis Zama, Peter Boyers, Clement Kengava, Japheth Waipora and James Tora.

All the other Members, except for Walter Folotalu who returned to Parliament as MP for Lau Mbaelelea in a by-election -as a former MP for Baegu-Asifola in the fifth Parliament- had only served their first term in Parliament.

Two long-serving politicians, Leslie Boseto (3 terms) and David Sitai (6 terms) have announced their political retirement and one two-termer, Laurie Chan has decided not to re-contest his West Guadalcanal seat.

With Sir Peter’s prediction, it will be interesting to see which of the above three groups will very much impacted by the outcome of the elections. My instincts tell me that if history is anything to go by then the most affected will be the last two groups; that is the first and second termers in Parliament. This is just my prediction, but it will also be very interesting to see if it happens otherwise and most of the longer-serving politicians are ‘weeded’ out of the round House. If that occurs then I would be very tempted to think that voters behaviour in Solomon is beginning to change- most probably in maturity and for the better.

Outgoing West Honiara MP gets physcological boost

The outgoing MP for West Honiara, Isaac Inoke, has got a much needed physcological boost for tomorrow's election with the High Court ruling in his favour that only ordinary residents of a Constituency can register and vote in that constituency.

Reports from One Television said that the former MP on Monday 2nd August left the High Court premises with all smiles on his face with the favourable ruling of High Court on his case.

The case was brought before the court after names of people not residing at West Honiara Constituency appeared on the constituency's voters list and the Electoral Commission saying that there was no fault in the list despite the discrepancy, as people residing at one constituency can still be registered and vote at another.

The real feul however was that most of the people whose names were in question were not the former MP's supporters but were supporters of another intending candidate and Honiara Casino Owner Namson. Namson, a Solomon Islands citizen of asian descent has been reported to have campaigned aggressively, pouring in thousands of dollars within the Constituency to lure voters.

The High Court however does not make a definite ruling on whether those people that are already registered for West Honiara but are not 'ordinary residents' will be able to vote tommorrow or not. "

"The Court does not have the power to disqualify those that have been registered to vote in West Honiara from voting on 4th August 2010 elections".

From this situation, I can 'smell' that if the outgoing MP loses the coming election to Namson, then I can confidently say that another election petition is looming.

Double Registration

As all registered voters are about to go to the polls on 4th August 2010, one of the issues that will be contested after the elections is double registration of voters. This is where people register in more than one constituency. Although the electoral commission had tighted its grip to ensure that people register in one place and vote in one place, the issue of double registration still exist. If one look at the voters lists, you will see names of people registering in more than one place. I have noted that the electoral commission has introduced a omission and inclusion process to address the problem but yet it was not fully carried out as witnesses to testify to prove that a person does not reside in the place he is she has registered failed to turn up during that the time. This makes it difficult for electoral comission to come up with the final 'proper' list.So what would happen now is a low turn out of voters because of double registration thus giving 'false' hope on candidates. Therefore, for upcoming elections the registration lists should be updated regularly to check on people's movement to ensure that there is 'right' number of registered voters in a constituency.

By Kulz, Honiara

Outgoing West Makira MP punched by angry voters

Unconfirmed 'stories' have reported that the outgoing MP for West Makira Constituency, Mr. Japhet Waipora was punched by angry voters during his campaigning in Arosi region of Makira. The voters accused Waipora of making false promises and when Mr. Waipora tried to explain, the voters, who reports said were mainly youths, retalitated by punching him on the head.

A person who was passing by in his OBM-powered boat and happened to call to shore at the village Waipora was campaigning and where the incident occurred said that he was approached by the former MP himself and was asked if he could help him 'escape' the scene.

Waipora, a two-term parliamentarian and a retired long-serving civil servant is vying for his third term in Parliament and second term in the West Makira seat. The same seat is currently being eyed by 14 other candidates, including a former MP and long-time politician, Mr. Jackson Suna'one.

Jackson Suna'one, younger brother of the late Solomon Mamaloni was voted into Parliament in what many believed to be a 'symphathy vote' in a by-election after the death of his brother. He won by a landslide victory during that by-election but failed to return in the general election that followed.

Reports said that despite two previous unsuccessful unattempts to return to Parliament, he is currently the 'hot' candidate at this round and that it is very highly likely that the individual(s) that have man-handled poor Waipora may have been his supporters.

Candidates by Political Party

Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advance- SIPRA
No.Name of CandidateConstituencyPolitical Party
1Bp.Raymond AumaeNorth MalaitaSIPRA
2Casper Muna TofimaoTemotu VatudSIPRA
3Dr. John HueEast GuadalcanalSIPRA
4Elijah MoliaSouth ChoiseulSIPRA
5George BoapeTemotu PeleSIPRA
6George MangeleWest GuadalcanalSIPRA
7Jack BanaSouth GuadalcanalSIPRA
8John Colleridge LollyMaringe - KokotaSIPRA
9John TataloBaegu-AsifolaSIPRA
10Nairy AlamuSouth New Georgia-Rendova-TetepareSIPRA
11Ninamo OtuanaGao-BugotuSIPRA
12Nollan TeikaRennell-BellonaSIPRA
13Peter TitiuluUlawa UgiSIPRA
14Peter Trena RarahaburaWest MakiraSIPRA
15Rueben TovutovuEast Central GuadalcanalSIPRA
16Sam AlasiaWest Kwara'aeSIPRA
17Silas Keri Vangara TausingaNorth MalaitaSIPRA
18Job Duddley TausingaWest New Georgia- VonavonaSIPRA
19Gordon Darcy LiloGizo KolombangaraSIPRA

Solomon Islands Democratic Party- SIDP
No.Name of CandidateConstituencyPolitical Party
1Mathew C. WaletofeaAoke-LangalangaSIDP
2David TomeBaegu-AsifolaSIDP
3Francis WaleanisiaCentral HoniaraSIDP
4Michael AhikauEast ‘Are’areSIDP
5Stanley Festus SofuEast KwaioSIDP
6Alfred GhiroEast MakiraSIDP
7Manasseh MaelangaEast MalaitaSIDP
8Steve AbanaFatalekaSIDP
9Walter FolotaluLau-BaeleleaSIDP
10Ronald Maeke UnusiNgellaSIDP
11Daniel Enele KwanairaraAoke-LangalangaSIDP
12Alpha KimataNorth West ChoiseulSIDP
13Timothy JohnstonRennell-BellonaSIDP
14Reginald Hill KokiliSavo-RussellsSIDP
15Rick HouSmall MalaitaSIDP
16David Day PachaSouth GuadalcanalSIDP
17Edward DaiwoTemotu NendeSIDP
18Severino Nuaiasi West ‘Are’areSIDP
19Moses GaruWest GuadalcanalSIDP
20Peter TomWest KwaioSIDP
21Shemuel S. IduriiWest Kwara’aeSIDP

Reform and Democratic Party of Solomon Islands- RDPSI
No.Name of CandidateConstituencyPolitical Party
1Fr. Joseph TamuataraCentral MakiraRDP-SI
2Henry SitaiEast MakiraRDP-SI
3Charles AiwasugaSouth GuadalcanalRDP-SI
4Fr. Benedict GarimaneNorth GuadalcanalRDP-SI
5Hilda Padavera Ki’iNorth West GuadalcanalRDP-SI
6Alfred LovanitilaNorth East GuadalcanalRDP-SI
7Abel ArabolaEast Central GuadalcanalRDP-SI
8Eric TemaCentral HoniaraRDP-SI
9Dick DaoleniHograno-Kia-HavuleiRDP-SI
10Rhoda SikilabuGao-BugotuRDP-SI
11Martin AibataWest Kwara’aeRDP-SI
12Billy ManuAoke-LangalangaRDP-SI
13Alfred PoheNgellaRDP-SI
14Charles TangoRennell-BellonaRDP-SI
15Fr. Philip MaliTemotu NendeRDP-SI
16Johnson LevelaTemotu PeleRDP-SI
17Chris PatiTemotu VatudRDP-SI
18Henry MarauUlawa UgiRDP-SI
19Golden KilokoWest MakiraRDP-SI
20Rev. Philemon RitiMarovoRDP-SI
21Danny PhilipSouth New Georgia- Rendova- TetepariRDP-SI
22Nelson BosoNorth West New Georgia-VonavonaRDP-SI

OUR Party
No.Name of CandidateConstituencyPolitical Party
1Judy Fionala BartyAoke-LangalangaOUR Party
2Alfred Liata MalakaiBaegu-AsifolaOUR Party
3Peter Shannel AgovakaCentral GuadalcanalOUR Party
4Fred PeterCentral HoniaraOUR Party
5Philip Damirara Akote’eCentral Kwara’aeOUR Party
6Bernard GhiroCentral MakiraOUR Party
7Joseph OnikaEast Central GuadalcanalOUR Party
8Manasseh G. SogavareEast ChoiseulOUR Party
9Samson TahuniaraEast GuadalcanalOUR Party
10Geoffrey Samson FaisiEast HoniaraOUR Party
11John MamafeEast MakiraOUR Party
11Lloyd Gwee ToribaekoEast MalaitaOUR Party
13Thomas IfuimaeFatalekaOUR Party
14Moffat Behulu TupiGao-BugotuOUR Party
15Kenneth BulehiteGizo-KolombangaraOUR Party
16Edmond EneHograno-Kia-HavuleiOUR Party
17Moses SasagoMaringe-KokotaOUR Party
18Ivan Kerovo NgaiMarovoOUR Party
19Bart ParapoloNgellaOUR Party
20Robert IshmaelNorth East GuadalcanalOUR Party
21Greena TomeNorth GuadalcanalOUR Party
22Lawrence FoanaotaNorth MalaitaOUR Party
23Francis QalokamakeNorth West ChoiseulOUR Party
24Joseph Solomon AneaNorth West GuadalcanalOUR Party
25Francis John ZamaSouth New Georgia-Rendova-TetepareOUR Party
26*Queensland ElogaShortlandsOUR Party
27Edwin Aldrin AwaoliSmall MalaitaOUR Party
28Patterson OtiTemotu NendeOUR Party
29Oliver Melive OsiTemotu PeleOUR Party
30Gordon BilaTemotu VatudOUR Party
31Michael Ramsy PokiUlawa-UgiOUR Party
32Campion OhasioWest ‘Are’areOUR Party
33Anthony Veke KamutulakaWest GuadalcanalOUR Party
34Isaac InokeWest HoniaraOUR Party
35Harry KwalafunaWest KwaioOUR Party
36Japhet WaiporaWest MakiraOUR Party

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