Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sogavare Remains Intact with Pacific Casino Candidate

In contrary to rumours that Hon. Manasseh Sogavare will vote against the Pacific Casino Hotel candidate, the former Primer Minister and Member of Parliament for East Choiseul has told reliable sources close to that camp that at no time did he propose any intentions to swing his vote.

Hon. Sogavare told reliable sources that he will never ever give his support nor vote for the Heritage camp candidate. In his defence he emphasised that those (at the Heritage Camp) are the very same people who have alleged his involvement in the hijacking of the RSIP armory at the Rove Police Headquarters in 2000.

PREJUDICED understands that this allegation was made during the debate of the no confidence motion on the floor of parliament in December 2007, by the mover of the motion Dr. Derek Sikua. The Sogavare-led GCCG government was removed from office following that no confidence motion and some of the re-elected MPs leading the Heritage Hotel camp are ones behind the ousting of the GCC government.

Lately, Sogavare told One Television in an interview that Parliamentarians must show maturity in the 9th Parliament and that they should be open up for discussion and dialogue on the issue of choosing the next Prime Minister.

However, at this time of intense 'horse-trading' we must also understand that whatever we think or hear from our politicians is not always final. For the fact remains that everything is still very unpredictable and anything can happen at any time. As we know our politicians are very fond of saying one thing and doing totally the opposite.

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  1. Thanks Enem for this post. This will clear the air in regards to the rumours and speculations. I am sure Sogavare is a man of principles so he will abide by his words.