Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Parole Board Chairman Quits

The Chairman of the Correctional Services Parole Board has quit just weeks into his appointment.

Speaking to the local media, the former Chairman, Mr. Philip Tegavota, said that he made decision after he received threats for his life and safety of his family.

"I cannot afford to live under threats for the next three years as chairman of the parole board," he said.

The Parole Board came under immense public pressure and criticism after they made a decision to release former militant and government Minister, Jimmy Lusibaea on license, effectively shortening the length of time of his imprisonment imposed on him by the courts. 

He also added that the former Minister of Police and National Security, James Tora, should not have left the government but should remain to tell Solomon Islanders the basis upon which the decision to release Jimmy Lusibaea was made. 

His statement clearly implies that political interference may have played a very big part in the decision reached by the Parole Board to release Mr. Lusibaea, despite the government's denial that political influence plays no part in the decision. 

The decision to release Mr. Lusibaea has also angered the Bar Association of Solomon Islands who said that the decision was an attack on the independence of the judiciary. 

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