Saturday, August 8, 2009

What makes a good political leader?

Dear Readers,

Recently, the Leader of Opposition in Solomon Islands, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare stated in Parliament that Solomon Islands needs good leaders. Given all that has been happening back at home, many if not, all of us could not help but agree with him on this.

Thinking about it more thoroughly, I was just wondering , why do we have this leadeship problem when many of these politicians are well qualified and very good leaders in thier own right? I mean, we have a Prime Minister who has a Doctorate (PhD), and a couple of the members are MA or MBA graduates, at least 5 of them to be exact. And we also have at least three pastors, some chiefs and many degree holders who are current MPs. So why the leadership crisis? Is it because because of our many diversities in culture, religion, belief systems, practices and so forth? Or is it something to do with individual and personal attittudes and characters, or is it because of our economic status, and being weak in the face of the world?

The question is, what makes a good leader, or a political leader for that matter? Does qualification matter at all? If qualified, does ones area of specialty matter? Can a religious leader become a good political leader? Can a village chief or elder make a good politician? Can a medical doctor, a teacher or a lawyer make a good politician?

Have your say and share what you think. What makes a good political leader?

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