Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SIFF Lost $800,000 in fire

Hello again good wantoks,

The recent news that SIFF has lost $800,000 cash in the fire that burnt down their office is stunning. Why do they have to keep  such as amount of mony lying aroung in the office like that? Don't they trust the banks anymore? I think they should be held accoutable for the money because fire or no fire, such huge amount of money should not be lying around in cash like that in the office.
I think the decision by the SIFF management to have such money, especially when it is in cash, lying around in the office is totally irresponsible and unjustifiable. No wonder that they have been accused for misappropriation of funds by critics; it is because they don't use the banks. This is a very naive way of doing business.

The incident made me to suspect something totally different, that they have used the fire that has burnt down the office as cover for monies they have or are intending to misappropriate. It would be very difficult to prove things to the contrary of the money being burnt away by the fire. However, I still believe that an inquiry should be undertaken on the whole issue, including the burning of the office and the loss of assets, the management ill-decision-making and so forth.

SIFF is a national office and the people of Solomon Islands to knows answers, not questions hanging in the air. Mi really doubtem that hem true that selen ia hem burnt lo fire ia. SIFF must come out clear and explainin lo people

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