Thursday, March 31, 2011

Test on NCRA government persists

While the NCRA government may have some sigh of relief with the political grasshopping of the past weeks seemingly over, the need to test MPs confidence on it persists.

With the recent reshuffling within the Opposition group, the new Leader of Opposition, Dr. Derek Sikua has put on notice a motion of no confidence to be tabled within seven clear days from the day it was noticed.

Information reaching Prejudiced revealed that the motion was put on notice yesterday for the consideration of the Speaker and the Clerk of Parliament according to the Parliamentary Standing Orders.

If deemed fit for tabling, the motion would be moved by the end of next week, most probably after the  national budget has been passed.

While the government now has the majority of  numbers, the no confidence motion could create a situation whereby political lobbying could be reignited.

After the numerous controversies that the CNRA government has gone through lately, I believe it is now timely that the a no confidence motion is moved to test the position of the poitical administration and to provide an opportunity for MP's concerns to be put out in the public domain.

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