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SIBC News, 19 June 2011


The law firm makes this clarification, rejecting claims by the General Manager of CEMA that he had been forced and bribed to sign the document against his conscience.

But a media statement from SOL-LAW says, it is not a legal requirement for the law firm to explain the content of the notice to the receiving party but it is the obligation of the person receiving the notice to seek legal clarification on the documents on his own.

It says, SOL-LAW will always explain the nature of the document if requested.

The statement adds, under section 7 (5) of the Trade disputes Act, any person who has been given notice to attend as witness to produce any document is entitled to be paid reasonable expense for his or her attendance called "conduct money."

It further says, SOL-LAW has not and will not entertain the act of bribing anyone to procure any evidence for whatever matter as it is illegal.

Killing Kyoto kill humans

Leader of Solomon Islands Delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Talks, Mr Rence Sore, has caused positive vibrations at the closing of the negotiations on Friday, 17 June with an eloquent speech saying "Killing Kyoto Will Kill Humanity."

The permanent secretary of the Ministry of environment, meteorology and climate change was speaking at the Closing Plenary of a 2-week long United Nations Climate Change Talks in Bonn, Germany.

Mr Sore warns Killing Kyoto will kill humanity adding there is no alternative to Second Commitment Period of Kyoto Protocol. He says, Kyoto Protocol is the cornerstone of the multilateral climate change regime. It is the only legally binding instrument to effectively reduce emission.

Mr Sore says, abandoning Kyoto Protocol is a setback that will kill humanity from planet earth.

He encourage mankind to set goals to achieve with the mission to safeguard the survival of children, save planet earth from disappearing and win the evils of climate change.

NZ on SI Appreciation

The New Zealand government is surprised that Solomon Islands economy appreciates at a time when most of the pacific region are struggling to get back on their feet economically.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully made the statement in his recent official visit to the Solomon Islands last week.

Mr McCully says, the local economy bounces back from the recent global economic recession and trekking positively.

Mr McCully says the Solomon Islands budget accounts is very encouraging.

He adds, Solomon Islands is a place of real opportunity and some positive things are happening in the country.

APB buys off Solbrew

Asia Pacific Breweries Limited, APB, announces the completion of the acquisition of 97.69% of the capital shares of Solomon Breweries Limited for approximately $21.5 million.

Chief Executive Officer of APB, Mr Roland Pirmez says, Solomon Breweries is a strategic fit to the APB Group as it expands the Asia Pacific Breweries presence in the South Pacific.

Mr Pirmez says, the acquisition opens a new door of opportunity for his company to participate in yet another territory.

He admits that the robust distribution network, popular beer brands and goodwill of Solomon Breweries make APB a leader in this new market and create a new source of earnings for the Group.

Mr Pirmez explains, apart from an enhanced earnings base, there are regional synergies in cost management and commercial excellence that could be achieved with its operations in neighbouring Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.

The diverse footprint of APB now include Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Laos, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Indonesia, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands.

The Marovo dead fish saga has now ended.
Marovo dead fish saga ends.

A Marovo resident, Peter Sivi confirms to SIBC news, he has witnessed that the sea is now returning to its normal colour and no fish have been found dead in the recent days.

Mr Sivi says, he has requested a survey group from the Fisheries Ministry to establish the cause of the dead fish and until that survey is conducted and a report produced, the reason why fish from Marovo lagoon die unnaturally over the last few weeks remains a mystery.

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