Thursday, June 23, 2011


The government will make sure Russell Islands redevelopment is done in a model best suited for the rest of the country to copy cut.

Prime Minister Danny Philip confirms that the infrastructure planned for the development will be such that people can only dream of.

He says the government is developing the Russell on two fronts, one is to organise the indigenous people of Russells, and make sure the commercial aspect of Yandina springs to life again.

Mr Philip says the government is trying to revive Russell into a national asset that is beneficial to the Central Province, the indigenous people, investors and the people of Solomon Islands.

He anticipates that the employment number in Russell will increase significantly in management, technical and other disciplines while investment sprout from the area.


Prime Minister Danny Philip has backed Kolombangara landholders at the Kolombangara Festival last week, as he pledged to support the island’s conservation area.

In the first visit by a Prime Minister to Kolombangara Island, Danny Philip joined the fourth day of the Kolombangara Island Biodiversity and Conservation Festival on Thursday last week.

A special ceremony was held at Ringgi to mark the occasion.

Prime Minister spoke before a crowd of about one thousand people and officially dedicated the 20-thousand hectares conservation area, the largest in Solomon Islands.

Prime Minister Philip said, it is a wonderful idea to put aside a special area for conservation adding that in the midst of logging and environmental destruction the people have the courage to have a conservation area.

At Imbu Rano Lodge the Prime Minister heard from international and local scientists, including local ecologist Patrick Pikacha and botanist Myknee Sirikolo, about the important biodiversity found in the conservation area.


New Zealand is ready to employ about 200 Solomon Islanders this year under the Seasonal Workers Scheme.

New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully revealed this in his recent visit to the Solomon Islands.

He says, New Zealand and Solomon Islands governments are working on how to expand this scheme to the benefit of both countries.

Mr McCully adds that opportunities to focus on key development areas such as tourism, agriculture and horticulture, fisheries will be looked at during the coming Pacific Islands Forum later this year.


The Minister of Finance and Treasury says despite recognition by regional forums and bodies on the government's good progress with state owned enterprise, S-O-E, reform, the government is not yet satisfied.

Speaking this morning to the members of the Economic Association of Solomon Islands, Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo said that there is still room for improvement both in general and specific reforms for the country's S-O-Es.

He said that the country must continue to explore innovative ways to engage with the private sector both through S-O-Es and alongside them.

Mr Lilo explained that there is a need to recognise the impacts of S-O-Es in the country, be honest about unsatisfactory performance and face it because improving S-O-E performance is a challenge.

The Finance Minister reiterated that its time to speed up State Owned Enterprises reform in Solomon Islands.


Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has acknowledged that the past year or so has been a turning point for key governance provision of the S-O-E act.

Speaking to members of the Economic Association of Solomon Islands this morning, Mr Lilo stated that a major step in implementing the 2007 S-O-E act was the passing of the S-O-E regulations 2010 which detailed how S-O-E board appointments must be done.

He said that future board members are to be chosen for the contribution they can make to ensuring the commercial success of the S-O-E and not for personal or political gains.

He said the country must apply standard international good practices to the process of making S-O-E board appointments.

He cited an Asian Development Bank report which stated that Solomon Islands is leading the way in this part of S-O-E governance resulting in other pacific countries planning to follow.

The finance minister stated that over the past 10 months, Solomon Islands has for the first time no politicians serving in S-O-E boards.

He reiterated that this is a big change, so much from mistakes that were made in the early stages.

The finance minister explained that weather these mistakes were made by previous government, they have now been identified and fixed.


A 35 year old seaweed farmer is recovering in the Cookson Village clinic on Wagina Island, Choiseul Province, following a crocodile attack on Monday this week.

Manioru Laufilu reports from Wagina that the man went out diving for trouchus when the incident happened.

He says the crocodile bit the man's right hand and started to pull him into the sea, but the man thrashed his left hand into the mouth of the crocodile, forcing sea to go into the mouth of the crocodile and drowning the reptile.

Laufilu says this is the first crocodile attack since the people settle on Wagina Islands many years ago.


The new Acting City Clerk Paul Coffey says construction of toilet blocks, completion of the Kukum market project and providing rubbish collections on a weekly basis are some of the main issues he will be addressing while in office.

Mr Coffey was appointed Monday by the Honiara City Council following the untimely death of the previous clerk John Leigh last month.

He told SIBC News that the upcoming Pacific Arts Festival will put a number of demands on the council at this time but they are ready to assist.

Mr Coffey said he is very honored to take up the appointment.


North Guadalcanal Plains schools have missed out on the Republic of China solar projects intended for schools channeled through their constituency MP earlier this year.

Nguvia Community High School chairman, Batholomew Vavanga says this is depriving their children of their education facilities.

Mr Vavanga says, while most of the schools around the country are enjoying such services, Nguvia, Gaobata and Kaotave school students are under privileged because they cannot do extra classes in the evenings.

Chairmen from Gaobata Nguvia and Kaotave schools are very concerned because major exams for grade six and forms three and five are coming up later this year.

The school chairmen therefore call on the North Guadalcanal MP, Martin Sopage to explain why he has not distributed the solar sets to schools on Guadalcanal Plains.

He says parents and guardians demands that their MP explain.

Mr Vavanga however, appreciates Goldridge's assistance in providing a new generator set for Nguvia school.

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