Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gordon Darcy Lilo is new Solomon Islands Prime Minister

Solomon Islands has a new Prime Minister. he is Gordon Darcy Lilo, the Member of Parliament for Gizo and Kolombangara. Mr. Lilo defeated three other candidates in a very tense voting atmosphere inside Parliament House today. Lilo polled 29 votes, Sogavare polled 9 votes, Milner Tozaka 9 votes and Manetoali 2 votes. Moffat Fuigui withdraw before the election begins and Douglas Ete withdrew late yesterday.

Lilo was able to take out the victory when Steve Abana's Solomon Islands Democratic Party and Job Duddley Tausinga make a last minute switch on Lilo's side.

The situation in town is quite normal with pockets of gatherings around town, mainly to discuss the outcome of the votes. But local police are very alert and can be seen patrolling Honiara on foot and in vehicle.

In his victory Speech Lilo said that the result is a resounding victory for the young democracy of Solomon Islands after weeks of intense political lobbying and uncertainty, and that it goes to show that when there’s uncertainty the Constitution will prevail over the socio-economic and political impasse.

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