Friday, November 11, 2011

Lobbying intensifies for New PM

Parliament was suspended for an hour to allow the Prime Minister to officially tender his resignation to the Governor General. At the same time, lobbying is said to be intensifying in Parliament as we speak as the Members of both the current government and the Opposition attempt to gain Member support on their side for the post of a new Prime Minister. This follows after the resignation of the former Prime Minister Danny Philip on the floor of Parliament this morning.

Names of likely candidates for the Prime Minister is still unclear at this stage. Besides that, Prejudiced understands that the two sacked Ministers Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo and Hon. Rick Hou are sitting on the Opposition side when Parliament meets this morning.

The former Prime Minister earlier asked Members of Parliament not to "destroy" NCRA, a statement that had a lot of meaning into it. Will there be a change of leadership or a new government, that remains a question. However, when Prejudiced asked the views of a number of ordinary citizens the respond is heavily sided for a new government.

Meanwhile, the Governor General is yet to convene a date as according to Parliament Standing Orders for the election of a new Prime Minister.

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