Monday, December 27, 2010

Local Soccer Star Involved in Fatal Christmas Car Accident

Unconfirmed reports reaching Prejduiced have said that local soccer star and international beach soccer sensation James Naka has been involved in a fatal car accident which resulted int he death of a male passenger in Honiara.

The incident was said to have occurred on Christmas night when the Rav-4 vehicle Naka was driving crashed against a coconut tree along the road at the Iron Bottom Sound Hotel, Rove.

The crash resulted in  one casualty and serious injuries to the passengers.

According to the reports there were  6 passengers in all who were traveling in the ANZ-owned vehicle, including a female.

One of the passengers is an ANZ employee and it was believed that he is the one who had taken the vehicle and allowed Naka to drive.

Naka fled the scene of the accident with minor injuries and police are still looking for him around Honiara to for questioning.

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