Friday, December 31, 2010


[SIBC News, 30 December 2010] - Political analyst John Roughan says Prime Minister Danny Phillip needs to start 2011 with strong leadership.

Speaking to SIBC News Dr Roughan says the government's performance since taking office in September this year produces a mixed report card.

While he describes the government's Christmas visit to patients of the National Referral Hospital as a good step forward, the political critic says the Prime Minister is barely keeping his government together.

He says some issues were beyond the Prime Minister's control but the internal squabbling within the doors of government has indicated a lack of strong leadership by the Prime Minister.

He says it is important that Mr Phillip begins the new year with strong leadership.

That is a true and fair warning  that the Prime Minister must take seriously. So far he has proven his worth to be the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands and his ability to hold the various characters within his government together over the past few months must be given some credit.

However, as shown by the above article he has to be strong in his decisions so that the peoples' confidence on him and his government is maintained and enhanced and to avoid being seen as a 'puppet PM' who can be pulled by the nose even if his own integrity and that of the nation is at stake.

Above all, the task of trying to keep the numbers together, given the various differences in opinion and ambition within his government will remain the biggest task for the PM as long as he remains in power.And off course chances are that too if much energy and time will be put towards achieving that, the government's focus on issues of national importance will be distracted and that at the end of the day 'nothing more than just words' and sugar-coated rhetoric will be achieved.

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