Monday, September 28, 2009

Congratulations Votu and Betty - You have made us all proud ...

I would like to congratulate our Solomon Islands contingent to the mini- South Pacific Games, especially veteran runner Chris Votu and young Ms. Betty Babalu for a great performance. They have done our country proud, and once again athletics has proven its worth.

Athletics has been a dominant medal scooping sports in Solomon Islands with the likes of old runners like Jimmy Marau, Joseph Onika and Primo Higo making similar achievements in thier time.

Another individual sports which has been making great achievements in the regional games is boxing. However, with the parting of long-time trainer and administrator, the late Joe Pitu, Solomon Islands Amarture Boxing Association (SIABA) has been idle for some time. It is indeed a shame for such a great sport to be ignored as such.

For now, it is athletics that has flown our flag higher in the mini games, our best ever. The success of the two lone athletes shows the potential and raw talent that our sportsmen and women have that could be utilised to bring goodness and pride to our country. The sad thing is that the government, let alone its bodies responsible for sports, have been doing very little to satisfy the demand and growing need for proper sporting facilities.

I only hope that one day our government will be able to trully and fully support sports development in our country so that we too will be able to be offered the privilege to share the joy of hosting regional games such as the mini games and the SPG.

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