Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Numbers to votes, hopes to dust"

Dear Readers,

I think the Prime Minister's respond to the SIPEU log of claims is demeaning of the CNURA government. For a long time the CNURA government has publicly pronounced and declared itself to be a "responsible government" and has tirelessly fought in parliament and in the media to maintain that reputation.

However, their recent actions regarding the PEC, SIPEU log of claims and on other matters of national interest (including the action of the Finance Minister to resell a confisticated vessel defying the orders of the courts) have not spoken well for the Sikua-led group.

I can't help but wonder why they can still claim to be a responsible government when their actions are speaking otherwise. The principle of 'responsible government' is an important virtue in the Westminster system of government, which Solomon Islands had adopted from the British upon gaining independence in 1978. However, as well all know, being responsible means being responsive to the needs of the people. It does not mean being ignorant and self-serving at all.

Under a responsible government leaders work to serve the people, and their interests are secondary to that of the State and the people. They work out of comittment to initiate tangible changes in development and growth, all for the common good.

The current (CNURA) government is a far cry from such a situation, and it is of no surprise that even prominent people, like the former Governor-General and Deputy Prime Minister, Sir Buddeley Devesi, have called on the Prime Minister to step aside. While such  a move would be untimely and makes no difference at this point in time when elections are looming, it is agreeable to say that the government lacks strong leadership and vision.

Even some Ministers are fighting and are back-stabbing each other. They are accusing each other of actions they do in the name of their own banner, CNURA. And what is the government (or the leadership of the government- the PM and the DPM) are doing to adress all these? Nothing. No wonder that not much has been achieved so far since they came into power. It is because there are lots of 'prime ministers' and 'finance ministers' within their ranks and all they do is to work for thenselves, not for the people to whom they are responsible.

Consequently, I am certain that is is true to think that if CNURA is really a 'responsible government' as they wish to believe that they are then it is a government responsible only to itself and NOT to the people.

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