Monday, September 21, 2009

Scandal claimed at PM’s Office - Allegations about political appointee


I think the above issue, which appeared in Solomon Star lately is an outstanding issue throughout the whole of Public Service. The issue is two-fold: abuse of government property (vehicle/office space) and immorality/ adultry (02).

And when the two are combined, the act is just too serious to be taken lightly. This issue is prevalent and the government must be seen to be taking this matter seriously. Solomon Islands is a christian country and allowing its officers and properties to be abused in such a manner is ungodly.

Jesus himself showed his disapproval on such practices (abuse) when he over-turned the tables and chased the people out of the temple where they were selling their produces.

It is really really sad to see these things happening, especially to the victims of such unethical actions. It just totally unethical and unprofessional. Mixing work or one's professional attachment with pleasure is wrong and when this occurs committments are swayed and things cannot be said to be purely work, as the intention for a better work outcome is overidden by personal desires. I mean, imagine if it was your wife or husband who is doing this and is seen doing this, and their boses are seen not to be doing enough to addressing the issue. Instead, they acted ignorantly and in such a way that allows such things to happen right under their noses. How would you feel?

The government must act now or immorality will decay the whole system and no matter how hard we work, we will always be pulled back and be put down by all our mischiefs and will never move forward as a country. For what is worst than a public service that is infested with immorality and corruption? It does not get worse than that.

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