Monday, September 7, 2009

Solomon Islands Need Change- Sir Waena

Hello again,

Reading thru Solomon Star (, I came across one very interesting piece of 'news', which appeared under the above subject.

It was interesting to see Sir Nathaniel Waena actively participating once again in the local political mainstream. His comments were made in relation to the political party bill which was tabled before Parliament in the last sitting.

Am sure this showing of the former G-G is an indication that he may be a standing candidate in the coming general elections. And why wouldn't he be? In this democratic world he is not prevented by anything whatsoever to rejoin politics and to run for elections.

However, looking at it more closely, I wondered that if I were him I would just keep out of active politics and dedicate my time to do other things that may help me to maintain the stature I have gained, being a one-time G-G, rather than opting to going back into the muddy waters of Solomon Islands politics.

Am not saying that being a politician would lower that stature. What am saying is that he can still do as much to help people and bring about change, being a former G-G. He does not have to be a politician or an MP to do so. Indeed he has gained a reputation that only a few Solomon Islanders have been able to acquire and putting this reputation to good use would not only benefit a lot of needy people but would bring about many changes just as much as a good politian would do.

However, as I have said, he has all the right to re-enter politics. I am raising this point only as a matter of personal interest questioning "whats life after being a G-G in Solomon Islands"? So far we have seen that there are only two things: One is to remain active by re-entering politics if not as an MP then as an advisor or political appointee, and two is to get out of the limelight and be unheard of unless ones perspective is sought.

Personally, this trend is saddening because I for one have envisaged a former G-G taking up a much more proactive and apolitical role in spear-heading charity activities and humantarian drives at least for a few years after being relieved of G-G before actual retirement into old age, rather than anything else.

But again this is just my own ignorant opinion.

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