Friday, August 20, 2010

Culprit caught red-handed after trying to incite tension

A man was arrested by police last night in Honiara after he wrote insulting words against Malaita people at two different public spots, and claiming to be from Guadalcanal. The insults were written at the walls of one of the chinese shops in Chinatown and at the Museum in Point Cruz.

Reports say that after writing on the walls of the shop at Chinatown he went to Point Cruz to continue his plot there. However, he was still in the process of writing at the Museum walls when police caught him red-handed and had him arrested.

Police were alerted by eyewitnesses who saw him and recognised him as a man from Lau region in Malaita province.

The incident occurrs as Honiara awaits the announcement of candidates for the prime ministership. Nominations will close this afternoon at 4:30pm.

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