Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Public Officers given day off as MP's vote for PM

Election day tomorrow, Wednesday 25th August 2010, has been declared a public holiday for public officers.

Sources reporting from Honiara said that the Ministry of Home Affairs has granted all public officers a day off so that they remain at home while politicians elect the nation's next Prime Minister.

This is the first time for a prime minister's election date be declared a public holiday. However, given the ''Black Tuesday" experiences of 18th April 2006 it is understandable that such precautionary measures are undertaken.

The Prime Minister's election, as the Speaker of Parliament explained, is not a parliamentary business. Thus, the public are not allowed to sit-in to witness the proceedings.

However, they are allowed to wait at the eastern entrance of Parliament House to witness the announcment of the winner of the 'second election'. An obvious worry therefore would be that the day, being declared a public holiday will allow more people to attend  the announcement of the winnning PM, thus providing more room for chaotic situations.

But with Operation Big Man  well underway we only hope that we will have a peaceful PM's election and later the formation of government.

Operation Big Man  will involve the deployment of 150 local police, members of Participating Police Force (PPF) and Military personnel to be present on parliamentary grounds. Another 150 local police, PPF and Military personnel will be working along the streets of Honiara and about another 150 or more on stand by.

So hopefully public officers, except for those directly involved with the PM's election, will enjoy their day off  in a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

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