Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long-serving candidates unseated

So far four long-serving former MPs have been unseated by newcomers.
The biggest ‘stori’ of them all has been the loss of former Prime Minister and longest serving MP in the last House, Francis Billy Hilly to Charles Sigoto, a person who has served as Chief Nursing Officer for Western Province for many years.

Another of the ‘hot’ stories is the unseating of former Deputy Prime Minister, Fred Iro Fono, to Auki-based businessman and owner of Rarasu motel, Jackson Fiulaua.

And as reported by Solomon Star, rampage has broken out in Auki after supporters of losing candidates come to terms with some of the results and the loss of their candidates.

Another long-serving candidate that has been unseated is Patterson Oti, who lost the Temotu Nende seat to newcomer, and senior Temotu provinicial administrator, Commins Mewa. Media reports also said that troubled has also flared the Temotu headquarters in Lata, after supporters of the losing candidate Oti targeted properties of Mr. Mewa.

Three-termer and former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, William Haomae has also been unseated by high profile candidate and former Central Bank Governor Rick Hou.

For more information and updates of the election, go to the elections update page of this blog or at Tutuvatu connection.

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