Friday, August 20, 2010

Next PM: Steve Abana or Danny Philip?

The next Prime Minister of Solomon Islands will be either  Danny Philip MP for South New Georgia Rendova or Steve Abana MP for Fataleka  .

At the close of nominations at 4:30pm this afternoon, the two rival camps have made their nominations, with SIDP-led Heritage Park camp nominating Steve Abana the leader if SIDP and the Honiara Hotel/ Pacific Casino Camp nominating Danny Philip, party leader of Reform and Democractic Party of Solomon Islands (RDP-SI).

Hon. Steve Abana was nomnated by Hon. Andrew H. Keniasina MP for East 'Are'are and leader of People's Congress Party , Hon. Clay Forau MP for Temotu Vatud, Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua MP North East Guadalcanal and Liberal Party Leader and Hon. Job Duddley Tausinga  leader of SIPRA and MP for North New Georgia.

Hon. Danny Philip was nominated by Hon. Varian Lonamei MP for Maringe-Kokota, Hon. Hypolite Taremae MP for Central Makira, Hon. Peter Shanel MP for Central Guadalcanal and Hon. Jackson Fiulaua MP for Central Kwara'ae.

The nomination outcome has surprised many OUR Party supporters who have expected party President Manasseh Sogavare to also contest the top political post.

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  1. To Dad (Danny Philip)

    From our family here in Australia we will like to wish you all the best for the election as a Prime Minister. we will remember you in our prayers.
    Good luck and God Bless you Dad.

    Love from your family here in Australia and especially your daughter Sandra and Mum Julie Penese