Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Candidate for Parliamentary Speaker endorsed by both sides of the House

More often than not, the battle between the Government side and the Opposition side is played in almost all avenues of parliamentary business and proceedings. The battle extends even outside of the Chamber and into the public sphere.

However, with the current parliament, the 9th Parliament it is very encouraging to see that may be there is now some common sense developing, especially in relation to the election of a Speaker of Parliament to replace the retiring Sir Peter Kenilorea?

Last week, Solomon Star reported that the government has endorsed Patterson Oti as their candidate for the Speaker of Parliament. In a rather unusual move the Opposition group has announced that they have also endorsed the same person to be National Parliament Speaker.

PREJUDICED understands that Sir Peter Kenilorea once stood unopposed as the Speaker of Parliament with the support of both sides of the House. But his was at that time the serving Speaker of the House, hence having no political allegiance prior to assuming the position.

Mr. Oti is one of the founding members of OUR Party, a group whose leader  has recently moved to join the Opposition faction. Its members however are divided among the government and the Opposition groups.

The Opposition however has endorsed former Prime Minister, Hon. Derek Sikua as their candidate for Deputy Speaker.

The government has not yet made any announcements in respect of who their candidate will be for Deputy Speaker. However, given the Opposition's endorsement for thier candidate for Speaker, it would be very interesting to see how the government receives the Opposition's nomination of Dr. Sikua's for Deputy Speaker position.

As far as Mr. Oti's nomination is concern, it is clear that all current 49 Members of Parliament are confident that he is the right person for the job, and rightfully so! Mr. Oti is has been a long serving MP and of all the MPs of the last House, he is one that has shown maturity and prfound understanding of the Parliamentary Standing Orders. Given the overwhelming support already shown by Parliament it may well be that he will be unopposed for the position of Speaker.

Prejudiced would like to wish Mr. Oti and Dr. Derek Sikua the best of luck in tomorrow's election.

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