Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Parliamentary Opposition Group Choose Leader

Hon. Steve Abana, Member of Parliament for Fataleka became the new Parliamentary wing Leader of the Official Opposition. He is duly elected in a meeting held at the Opposition Office yesterday by Members forming the Opposition group.

Hon. Mathew Wale is chosen as the new Deputy Opposition Leader.

The Solomon Star newspaper in their paper today reported that the Opposition group also use the time to identify respective spokespersons and fill the responsibility as shadow Ministers for each Ministry. However, Solomon Islands is yet to have a proper legislation to provide for the office of Shadow Minister within the Opposition Party.

Interestingly the former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for North East Guadalcanal Dr. Derek Sikua is not on the list.

The indentified spokespersons and their shadow Ministries include:

Hon. Steve Abana (Opposition Leader) - Public Service
Hon. Mathew Wale (D/Opposition Leader) - Education; Environment
Hon. Mannaseh Sogavare - National Planning, Aid Coordination; Land, Housing & Survey
Hon. Rick Hou - Finance & Treasury
Hon. Milner Tozaka - Foreign Affairs; Justice & Legal Affairs
Hon. Peter Tom - Home Affairs
Hon. Connolly Sandagapatu - Agriculture and Livestock
Hon. John Maneniaru - Commerce, Industry, Labour & Immigration
Hon. Walter Folotalu - Communication & Aviation; Police & National Security
Hon. Seth Gukuna - Culture & Tourism
Hon. Job Duddley Tausinga - Forests
Hon. Andrew Hanaria - Fisheries & Marine Resources
Hon. Stanley Festus Sofu - Infrastructure Development
Hon. David Day Pacha - Mines, Energy & Electrification
Hon. Sam Iduri - National Unity, Reconciliation & Peace
Hon. Moses Garu - Rural Development & Indigenous Affairs
Hon. Dickson Mua - Health & Medical Services
Hon. Silas Tausinga - Women, Youth & Children Affairs
Hon. Alfred Ghiro - Provincial Government


  1. The opposition's line up is very interesting. As the alternative government, it appears that the opposition group is arming to its teeth to put up a good fight against the government and maintain its role as the 'watch dog' of the government. I understand that while the government is formulating its policy statements, the opposition is also working on their own. Hence, as the 9th Parliament is around the corner, it will be very interesting to see how the opposition will take on the government, especially shadow Ministers against government Ministers.

  2. Thats interesting.Politics blo umi lo Solo hem fluid tumas - sometimes hem unpredictable tumas 2 ia oketa wantoks. I am just wondering what na hem kasim oketa MPs ia like for move raon tumas - no gud na hem money na hem mekem MPs osem tumas.

    But i think some fala MPs forgetem one thing ia and that is - national interests should come first ia. People vote them into parliament so that oketa representim oketa ba, and not for mack around and play around switching camps. But some fala MPs oketa save that their vote them in for help rebuildim back Solomon Islands that is Y oketa no like play raon time oketa inside lo house ia.....

  3. unpredictability blo MPs blo iumi ia hem wanfala 'evil' where iumi shud try and get rid lo hem ia... The passing the organic Law that would guide the conduct of MPs should be a starting point towards achieving this greater good. The problem is that MPs themselves are often reluctant to pass laws that would help guide their own behaviour that is why the Bill was defeated... We have heard many people saying that ota vote againstim or less lo hem because ota say hem needim proper review etc.. but the underlying reason for them opposing it, I believe is because they are afraid it may restrain them from pursuing their own personal goals and ambitions that can only be better bargained and negotiated when there is the ability to politically manouvre or switch camps when negotiations stale or when personal egos take precendent of national interests... Even the current PM has called the defeated bill, "a bill against democracy".

    Anyway, iu mi hope that one day any group wetem sense bae savve passim for iumi.....

  4. Luk olsem olketa semsem nomoa. Bae iu mi alraet tu?