Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prime Minister Philip on Political Appointees

The Prime Minister Hon. Danny Philip revealed on the floor of Parliament that he had appointed 13 new Political Appointees. The PM revealed this when he was asked by the Member of Parliament for East Choiseul, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare during questions and answers session. The PM informed the House that the Public Service Commission had approved their appointments.

According to the PM these Political Appointees are identified and selected by a Political Appointee Working Committee. All will be posted to the Political Unit and Policy Unit under the Prime Ministers Office.

In terms of the terms of reference and conditions the Prime Minister stated that there has been a drastic reduction in the salary of Political Appointees. He mentioned that their salary levels “were now pegged at appropriate Public Service structures and with a 30% to 40% reduction.”

The 13 Political Appointees will cost tax payers $2million dollars per annum. The list of Political Appointees is as follows:

1. Special Secretary to Prime Minister

2. Private Secretary to Prime Minister

3. Press Secretary to Prime Minister

4. Secretary to Caucus

5. Deputy Secretary to Caucus

6. Chief Political Analyst Government Caucus Office

7. Political Analyst – Caucus Office

8. Director Policy Interpretation and Evaluation

9. Deputy Director Policy Interpretation and Evaluation

10. Director Government Communication Unit

11. Chief Admin Officer political

12. Logistics Political

13. Driver Political

The previous CNURA government had 18 Political Appointees and cost $4.4 million of tax payers money per annum.

When asked if he will stop at that number the Prime Minister stated, “I would love to appoint more; therefore should I see it necessary I will have to see to it.”

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