Friday, September 10, 2010

New A-G and SSPM for new government.

Since its coming into power the government has made several political appointments. These include the appointment of Mr. Andrew Moaki as the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM) and Mr. Billy Titiulu as new Attorney - General.

Both men have legal backgrounds.

Mr. Moaki, who recently contested in the recent general election in Guadalcanal but was unsuccessful has been working and living in Australia for the past years.

Mr. Titiulu started private pratise in 2002. He joined the Solomon Islands Bar Association in 1993 and has since then served as a lawyer both within the private and the public sector.

Mr. Moaki replaces John Keniapisia as SSPM and Mr. Titiulu replaces Gabriel Suri.

Mr. Moaki is of Guadalcanal and Makira parentage while Mr. Titiulu is from Ulawa island in Makira Province.

PREJUDICED would like to wish Mr. Moakia and Mr. Titiulu the best in thier new appointments.

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