Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Which Kelvyn Alp?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mind the other day when I mentioned to him the fact that Kelvyn Alp has been writing a lot of his views in the print media in Solomon Islands, especially in Solomon Star and that I was beginning to wonder what he (Mr. Alp) is actually up to.

My friend turned to me with and asked, which Kelvyn Alp? Kelvyn Alp the miner or Kelvyn Alp anti-capitalism activist?

From this, I totally understand the point of view where my friend was coming from; Kelvyn Alp was allowed to come into Solomon Islands as a miner businessman, not as a person that would try and brain-wash Solomon Islanders with inpragmatic socialist perceptions.

We have all seen and may have read his articles and as far as I am concerned apart from being too patronising,construed and inpragmatic, his views have to me demonstrated why he is a 'blacklisted' person back in his native New Zealand.

He seems to advocate for options which have been proven to be of economically ineffective and infeasible. Most of his views are influenced by socialism ideologies and the fall of the Soviet Block in the late 1990s should have given us enough reason to not to believe in such practices in a large scale, especially also given the fact that economies are becoming interconnected into a single global mainstream.

Well some people may say that Solomon Islands is in many respects has been a socialist society in terms of our traditional market economy where there is the practice of accumulation and redistribution of wealth to ensure equality. But this is only practiced for reasons that are not economical but more or less social in nature.

However if we are to advocate for the maintenance of that market model then we are actually going backwards in terms of our market and economical evolution. And that is one thing we should understand a long time ago that it is not for the best interest of Solomon Islands.

Having said all that, one may ponder why I am so concerned about what Kelvyn Alp thinks. Well, this guy has friends in higher places and within our current government structure his influence is actually present.

He has a lot of direct interest in Solomon Islands governance and I do understand that it was some of his thoughts that were included in the Direct Development Party's (DDP) policy platform, a party which at the moment have few party members with the government and at the PMO.

This guy (Alp) had financially supported the DDP during the last general elections and long before that he already had the current Minister of Education, Hon. Dick Ha'amori and the current Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Alfred Sasako, within his grips. 

Clearly the Kelvyn Alp we now see is no longer the same person we once known as the guy who came to Solomon Islands bringing much hope for the people. He did some prospecting along Guadalcanal Plains and also at East Kwaio and the people there are still waiting for him to deliver on his promises.

Today, there are even rumours circulating that he may pull out of the mining industry very soon. So one cannot help but wonders what this guy is up to. If those rumours are true then what's next for Kelvyn Alp?

We have seen similar trends in the past where people come in under the guise of  making business and not long after that they are given permanent residence or citizenship status hence making them legally eligible to become candidates for Parliament. Before  we know it they are now candidates vying for one of the parliamentary seats.

Sounds so strange, but it is true. It has happened many times already in the past.


  1. Kelvyn Alp is the co-founder of the Direct Democratic Party in New Zealand

  2. Kelvyn Alp = Trouble Maker

  3. Kelvyn Alp thuggish arrogant bullshitting bully-boy and conspiracy loon

  4. Mr. Alp is currently running in a by-election in NZ for a seat in parliament under his DDP. This is the second time he has run for parliament. The last time he tried, he was unsuccessful.

  5. Kelvyn owes 30-42 thousand dollars in back rent as reported on New Zealand Morai Television

  6. My own personal conclusion after looking at the Our Nz Political Party and coming across Mr Kelvyn Alp, is that he is a man ahead of his time. Someone pepared to stand up and fight for the people instead of join the money hungry, lying, controlling band wagon of political idiots we currently have running the show! He names the games, or more importantly it appears he refuses to play the political games of bullsh*t preferring to speak the truth....Im not surprised hes causing alot of controversy, he thinks outside the square box, stands for the people and clearly knows what hes talking about, which at the end of the day just guarantees that idiots will try and feather and tar him.... :)

  7. Prior to the penultimate parliamentary elections in New Zealand many politicians approached me for my support, I asked each one "What are you going to do about the well documented Police corruption, child abuse and suicide in the Wairarapa?" Kelvyn Alp was the only one who didn't suddenly make excuses and skulk off into the distance on their personal bandwagon. His response was to prioritise my complaints of bullying and corruption involving local Police, the Board of Trustees of a local School and others including a corrupt member of parliament who was booted out the day after a vote of no confidence in the government. Mr Alp took action regarding our complaints, that action was professional, constructive and effective. As a previous commentator has stated, Mr Alp stands up for people who are being unfairly targeted by corrupt authorities, which is no doubt the main reason for him being denigrated by those corrupt authorities and individuals - because he acts swiftly and effectively to deal with corruption and injustice. Further information regarding Mr Alp's intervention and the subsequent results are at this link:

  8. If Kelvyn Alp was a blacklisted person in New Zealand, how did he get back into the country and able to try for a seat in a byelection? Was it corrution or the old faithful payola? And did he ever pay off the thousands of dollars of debt, or did he become too rich for the government to bother asking for it? All depends what you own at the time I think.

  9. Soviet Union was not dead, Soviet Union was killed and people live in Russia in soviet houses, use old soviet hospitals etc.