Monday, February 7, 2011

Extraordinary tactics to lure numbers and gain power

It started with the allegations by two Opposition Members of Parliament that the government has tried to scare them back to their side by the use of force and threats.

Just recently another extraordinary event occurred when former Minister of Police and National Security was forced into a dark tinted cab and was forcibly taken to the Honiara domestic airport to be airlifted to Western Province.

Solomon Star reported that Tora was lured into the cab by his relatives and inside the cab were government supporters who then drove Tora to the airport. The MP for Ulawa-Ugi's wife is from Western Province.

Fortunately for Tora, the Leader of Opposition, Steve Abana followed the vehicle and intercepted the attempted smuggling. 

It is not clear whether Steve Abana was with Tora during the incident or was reacting to reports before he drove to save Tora and the numbers for the Opposition. 

Prejudiced understands that during a similar political tussle in the last Parliament, Tora was also taken to Savo Island, along with former MP, Johnson Koli in order to stay out of the limelight and saved from possible bidding and lobbying from the other camp. 

Tora is one of the politicians in Solomon Islands who is known to be highly unstable and can switch sides several times depending in what is on offer and at stake.

In his recent move to the opposition from the government he was cited as saying that he was obliged to follow MP Bodo Dettke, who presumably masterminded their defection to switch, because he owed him (Bodo) a substantial amount of money.

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