Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update from Solo

Douglas Ete has refuted claims by the Press Secretary to the PM, Mr. Alfred Sasako that he was seen in an ambulance which was used in an attempt to smuggle sick Temotu Pele and Government MP Martin Magga.

Speaking to local journalists, Mr. Ete accused the PM and his press secretary of lying to the people and the nation, an act which only questions their integrity and that of the CNRA government.

Meanwhile, former Minister and government defector Stanly Sofu has maintained that he is with the Opposition.

He denied all the allegations made about him in the media as he was on a constituency tour when the current political wrangling began and knew nothing about any of it.

The government earlier stated that Sofu is still a Minister as he has not resigned as Minister of Public Service.

Despite making this claim, the government went ahead and submitted documents to the Government House yesterday for Sofu to be sworn in as Minister, an event which would be deemed unnecessary if their claim that Sofu has not resigned is true.

In another news, former Guadalcanal Premier and MPA Stephen Panga has applauded the move by Martin Sopaghe to return to the government after his earlier move to the Opposition.

Mr. Panga told Solomon Star that Mr. Sophage's move is wise and clever, especially at this time of the year when the government is required to table and have a national budget passed.

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