Friday, February 4, 2011


[SIBC News, 4 January 2011] - Leader of opposition, Steve Abana, calls on the Press Secretary to Prime Minister, Alfred Sasako, to stop telling lies to the nation.

Mr Abana make the call today after Mr. Sasako told Radio New Zealand this week that MP for East Kwaio, Stanley Sofu, has been re- sworn in as Public Service Minister.

Mr Abana describes Mr Sasako's claim- as an outright lie intending to mislead and confuse the general public.

The leader of the opposition says he had witnessed Mr Sofu tendered his resignation letter to the Governor General on the twenty second of last month.

Mr Abana added that since then Mr Sofu has remain with the opposition group till now.

He says government has tried to lure him back into their fold but Mr Sofu refuses and pledges his commitment to remain as an opposition member.

The opposition leader says Mr Sofu's commitment for the opposition puts the number game locked at 24/ 24.

Mr Abana also reaffirmed that the opposition group is still intact, adding that all the members of the opposition are leaders with principles.

He further highlighted that if the opposition group comes into power, they will continue the work left undone by the Sikua led government.

But Mr Sasako late today said that Radio New Zealand International has misquoted him as he told them that the Public Service Minister, Mr Sofu, was expected to swear in.

Mr Sasako said that the term 'expected' in English language means there is an element of doubt.

He Sasako said what he told the radio was based on information he had received.

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