Saturday, February 5, 2011

Latest twist in Solomon Political wrangling - numbers back with Opposition?

Unconfirmed reports from Honiara have said that in a latest twist of events the two MP's who were recently sworn in as government ministers are now back with the Opposition.

Best mates, Hon. Mark Kemakeza and Martin Sophage have been reported to have left the government yet again after previously zigzagging between the two political camps in the last few weeks. 

In his rejoining of the government last week Martin Sophage was cited as saying the he made his decision based on national interest- that is, a national budget has to be passed and his support for the government is vital to achieve that. 

On the other hand, Mark Kemakeza rejoined the government because he claimed he was misled by the Opposition. Whatever he was actually misled of remains a mystery and only him and the devil will ever know.  

The reasons for their latest move are still unknown but if the the reports are true, the Opposition would now have 26 members to 23 for the government. 

In such a circumstance when the Prime Minister is leading a minority government, despite the government's scheduled Budget sitting for March, the Prime Minister is obliged to advice Governor - General to recall Parliament. 

If the Prime Minister fails to do so then the Governor-General would have to intervene, using his reserved powers to recall Parliament to sit and test the confidence of the House on the Prime Minister.

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