Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Government regain numbers, but for how long?

The government of Solomon Islands has in the last few days enjoying a position which it has been alcking in the last weeks, a majority support in numbers.

This occurred after the return of grasshopping MPs, Mark Kemakeza, Martin Sopaghe, James Tora, Stanley Sofu. The infamous four were joined this time by Lau/Mbaelelea MP Walter Folotalu.

With the numbers now back with the government, energy, time and resources should now be committed to fulfilling people's aspirations, and election promises. Since it gained power a few months ago, the CNRA government has been caught up in one controversy after another and for that reason has rarely had space to implement its policy intentions.

During the tussling for numbers, much has been put out in the public domain regarding the government's intentions by both the PM and some senior ministers. Now it is time to walk the talk and put money and resources where their mouth is.

For sure, despite the balance now back with the government, the PM would still be weary of the four MPs, who between them have made history in the number of political cross-overs at any one given political feud. They have broken the record which was set by Johnson Koli and Tora in the previous parliament. (What a shame! Breakem record lo good someting lelebet.... !!!)

Parliament will meet 28th March 2010 and between now and then anything can still happen. We may never know.

Only the politically immature MPs with no sound principles, who had made a mockery of themselves and their sworn oaths, as well as the integrity of the country's political system (or whatever is left of it) could determine that for us.(Sore wan stret!).

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