Monday, February 7, 2011

Media conference cancelled because of near-brawl

Following the 're-resignation' of the two MPs, Mark Kemakeza and Martin Sophage from the government to the Opposition on Friday 4th January, a media conference was scheduled by the Opposition later that night to make a formal announcement. 

The media conference however was cancelled after supporters of the government and the Opposition almost got into a brawl outside of the Heritage Park Hotel where the Opposition group is camping.

SIBC reported that two government supporters went to the hotel and demanded to see Mark Kemakeza who was booked in one of the rooms in the hotel

The situation turned sour when Opposition supporters forced the two men to leave the hotel premises, prompting the hotel security to physically remove them from the hotel.

Despite the two MP's rejoining of the Opposition camp, the Government House is yet to receive their formal resignations.

[Perhaps, since they have been submitting one resignation after another over the last 14 days there is a high possibility that they may have forgotten to submit their resignations this time around as they might have muddled themselves with their previous resignations or that they might have run out of excuses to put in their resignation letters. Watch out for James Tora and/or Stanley Sofu for there is a high possibility that these two men will also make a move anytime soon]. 

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