Thursday, January 27, 2011

Former Minister left government because he owed money

Former Minister of Police and National Security, James Tora left the CNRA government because he owed money to Dodo Dettke, another CNRA defector. 

This was revealed to the media by the Prime Minister's Press Secretary, Alfred Sasako yesterday.

Speaking to Radio New Zealand International yesterday, Mr. Sasako said that Tora told the CNRA government that he left them because he owed Bodo some money and that he would return once he has made the repayments.

Mr. Bodo however denied the allegations saying that this, along with the government's claims that he owes the country millions in tax and failed to deliver on an airfield building project are not true.

Mr. Tora, however is renown in Solomon Islands politics as one of the sneaky and slippery ones. Just like in this occasion, those in his category often use childish and rather short-sighted excuses to justify their actions. 

The irony is that though not very influential, these 'hang-loose' types as they are called in the streets of Solomon Islands are the power brokers. They hold the balance of power with their ability to swing the numbers to whichever side that offers the highest bid. 

Their movements are very unpredictable and given their illusiveness they are ones that can most financial gains out of such political crisis situations. It is indeed sickening, but true. 

Another of this category is the MP for Ngella, Mark Kemakeza, whom the local media reported now holds the balncing vote between CNRA and the Opposition.

Like Tora, people like him make decisions, based not on matters of national significance and urgency but on their own personal interests and ambitions.

It is those in this category, the 'hang-loose' ones that make Solomon Islands politics even more defying.

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