Monday, January 31, 2011

Numbers back in favour of CNRA government?

Unconfirmed reports from Honiara have suggested that the numbers are back in favour of the government.

This came after claims by the government that Stanley Sofu has rejoined them to make their numbers to go up to 25 and 23 for the Opposition.

However, the Opposition maintained that Sofu is with them and that the number still stands at an equal 24 - 24.

Prejudiced understands that the government has planned a swearing-in ceremony for Sofu at the Government House this afternoon.

However, despite them submitting relevant papers to the Government House, Sofu was physically unavailable for the ceremony to eventuate.

Sofu is the former Minister for Public Service in the CNRA government who resigned from the port folio on Saturday 22 January to join the Opposition.

Sofu is the MP for East Kwaio, who first entered Parliament in 2006 general elections. He is serving his second parliamentary term.

He and the other  MPs like James Tora, Mark Kemakeza and Martin Sophage are known to be easy targets during chaotic political situations.

Those in their category won't hesitate to 'cross the floor' several times and in many cases the reasons given for their actions are childish and self-serving.

It is therefore of no surprise that now the focus is on him.

As it is the situation remains highly unpredictable and  fickle. 

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