Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PNG Opposition fails in no confidence motion bid

Papua New Guinea (PNG) are experiencing similar political challenges like us in the Solomons. Being our Melanesian big brother and fellow neighbour in our 'arc of instability' we hope their current issues are resolved in the most democratic means and that the rule of law will always be adhered to. 
Below is a news article from Radio New Zealand International regarding recent events there:

  [Radio New Zealand International News, 11 Jan 2010] -The opposition in Papua New Guinea has failed in its bid to put a motion for a vote of no confidence in the government before the parliament.
Parliament has agreed that a vote for the position of governor general will take place on Friday.
Nominations for the position have now opened and will close on Wednesday afternoon.
Our correspondent Alex Rheeney says the opposition tried unsuccessfully to use the parliamentary session to put forward the no confidence motion.
“That did not eventuate the leader of government business moved for parliament to be adjourned to Friday and the government were able to use their numbers and voted for the house to be adjourned until Friday. So the opposition did not actually get the opportunity to get the speaker to entertain other business in which the vote of no confidence motion could have been discussed.”
Alex Rheeney says the opposition has indicated it will try again to put a motion for a vote of no confidence on Friday.
But he says this unlikely to be successful as the government walked into the parliamentary chamber together on Tuesday in a show of its strength of numbers.
Alex Rheeney says the indications are that the government will support the nomination of the former Governor General Sir Paulias Matane to return to the position, but other contenders may include Barry Holloway.
The opposition has indicated it will support a number of candidates including two women, Winnie Kiap and Enny Moatz.

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