Saturday, January 15, 2011

U-17 updates: Tahiti Advances, Solomon Islands shown the door

The final of the Oceania U-17 men's world cup qualification will be between New Zealand and Tahiti.

This was after Tahiti defeated New Caledonia 3 - 1 this afternoon at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland.

The win by Tahiti now meant an exit for Solomon Islands for any chances of going to the world cup.

Solomon Islands remains second in the pool, but for sure this position no longer means anything to Solomon Islands supporters.

The loss by the Solomon Islands U-17 should be an indication that SIFF must pull up its socks and revisit the practice and approach that the current regime is employing on soccer management in Solomon Islands.

Obviously it is not working and there has to be changes as perhaps the current executive has been too long in their positions that there is no longer any enthusiasm and intuition left in them.

Solomon Islands soccer is on a down-ward spiral and the current disappointing performance by the U-17 team is an indication that even the FIFA-funded 'Learn and Play' programme has not bear any fruits.

On another note, even in the current O-League, our teams are the most disappointing with embarrassing results.

Soccer, which was once our national pride is now a national embarrassment: and who should we blame?

The answer is simple SIFF: should shoulder most of the responsibility for this failure. Secondly, team managements and players should also carry part of the blame because some times it may never be reported but disciplinary issues can also contribute to team losses .Lastly, ourselves or rather the 'hooligans' should also carry a big part of the blame for behaving in ways that only hinder the development of soccer in Solomon Islands.

For a start, the current SIFF Executive must give way for a new and enthusiastic young minds. This is a no brainer!

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