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Mr. Kelvyn Alp's Views

Mr. Kelvyn Alp has responded to my earlier letter which was posted further down this page in Solomon Star's today's (01/07/2011) issue . His response along with my latest response to this are posted below.

I know what I’m talking about: Kelvyn
 By Kelvyn Alp
 I would like to address the pertinent points raised in Derrick Manu’ari’s Letter to the Editor titled “Mr. Alp’s views” wherein he states;
 “I find it quite difficult to grasp the rationale behind Mr. Alp’s intention in making negative arguments on the legitimacy of Australia and New Zealand. In my view the concept of statehood and its legitimacy extends beyond mere empirical distortions or discrepancies...”
 My rationale is to expose the truth – that's all.  The website cited at the bottom of my 20th December article contains masses of material.  Have you understood it?  As for your concept of statehood, frankly – who cares?  I'm dealing with legislation and international treaties, not some personal pipe-dream or uneducated opinion!  Remember, the same people responsible for this fraud want the Solomon Islands to sign up to many international treaties and agreements – worth thinking about aye?
 He then states - “In addition, if the rationale that Mr. Alp has used in judging the legitimacy of Australia and New Zealand as sovereign states is used in the same way to judge other countries of the world the legitimacy and sovereign existence of many countries, including Solomon Islands could also questioned”.
 My reply - Once again your comments prove that it is impossible to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man!  Although you may have read the material, it is obvious that you have not understood it.
 He states –”Creating trouble and rebellion against the what Mr. Alp is good at and the reason why he is not a very likeable character back in his home country of New Zealand.”
 My Reply - No, it's quite simple. Unlike you, I actually believe that if the rule of law means anything at all it must apply to all.  Hell, I am a very likable character and for every one person you can produce to state otherwise, I can produce one to say the opposite.  Some of us are actually awake to the realities; others wish to remain blissfully ignorant.
 Tell you what, if you want to prove me wrong here's an easy way to do it.  Contact the government of the Commonwealth of Australia and ask them to supply you with a certified copy of the current Governor-General's Commission of Appointment – that's the document used by Her Majesty Elizabeth II to appoint Australian Governors-General. As it's an appointment document it shouldn't be too hard for you to get a copy. Why not ask the Australia High Commission to help you.
 I'm sure they'd only be too happy to put the issues raised in my articles to bed.  However, I won't be holding my breath though and I'd strongly advise that you don't get your hopes up either!
 Remember, these same people want to run the affairs of the Pacific Region – these people want you to sign up to all sorts of contracts and agreements that only they will truly benefit from – and to top it all off, they will expect you to adhere to those same contracts and agreements that they had no right to enter into on behalf of any nation!  So where are the truth, justice and rule of law in all that?
 Now, I was thinking about replying to the letter titled ‘Response to Mr Alp’ by Peter Wilikai, but let’s face it, anyone that bothered to read it would have realised a response would be an exercise in futility!  All I will say is that the man has no clue whatsoever!
 You see - people can continue to shoot the messenger, but unless you pay attention to the message you will soon discover that nothing you thought was real actually is.
 Watch this space because I will be proven correct on everything I have stated - and when I am, please have the courage and guts to apologise as fast as you have attempted to condemn.

Below is my reply to the above:

Below is my response to the above:It does not matter, who cares!

Dear Editor - I wish to make a brief response to Mr. Kevlyn Alp’s reply to my earlier letter to you.  
Before elaborating further, I must say that it is very obvious in my view that in his response Mr. Alp has fallen short of making any constructive arguments to rebut the most important points and themes raised in my letter.  
Firstly, the question of sovereign legitimacy of Australia and New Zealand or any other country for that matter are peripheral issues that offer no good to the people of Solomon Islands at this juncture in our history. In case Mr. Alp has forgotten, Solomon Islands and its people are still recovering from a very chaotic situation, not only economically and politically but also socially and psychologically and we do have other very important things to focus our energy and time on. The last thing we need is for individuals or elements of the society digesting these distorted ideas of his and then acting them out by initiating matters that would disturb the current peace-building, post-conflict development and reconstruction efforts that are ongoing in the country.
As Mr. Alp would know Solomon Islands has a very high rate of illiteracy, unemployment is rife and continuous failure by government to deliver on people’s needs have increased people’s disillusionment on the system. Thus, people are desperate for answers to their problems. I am a Solomon Islander and I have struggled throughout my entire life trying to come to terms with the realities we as a country are encountering. And in such situations it only takes a snap of the thumb in ways similar to what Mr. Alp is advocating to stir up instability, uneasiness and insecurity within society. You cannot underestimate the real potential of any threats posed to the current peace-building and reconstructions processes by conspiracies that could adversely impact on the level of trust and confidence of the people on their government and international development partners. We, the people of Solomon Islands do not need any more dramas Mr. Alp. What we want is for our country to recover and be stable so that we can live in lasting peace and harmony once again with one another. Thus, to stir up confusion, distrust and insecurity within society is for trouble-makers.
We need peace-makers not trouble-makers!
On that note, I wish to ask Mr. Alp that if he is truly serious about the issues which he has raised relating to the legitimacy of the sovereign existence of Australia and New Zealand as states, then as a citizen of one of the two countries why don’t he pursue the matter himself back in his home country? Since he had publicly claimed to have known the issue in detail and have documents to prove his case, what is holding him back? He also mentioned in his letter that he is only a messenger; so whose messenger is he? What level of public value does the content of his distorted message have for the country and people of Solomon Islands, especially at this time when we are still rebuilding our nation? Whose interests is he representing? Obviously not Solomon Islands’!
I did not grasp the rationale behind Mr. Alp’s intentions because if his messages are true and valid, what does he expect Solomon Islanders or Solomon Islands Government (SIG) to do? Chase out RAMSI; deport all Australian and New Zealand passport-holders and dishonor all international treaties that the two countries and Solomon Islands are parties to? For whose good and benefit would that be? Furthermore, in the absence of a regional structure and an active involvement and participation of Australia and New Zealand in issues affecting Solomon Islands and region, would we as a people and nation better off or worse off? These are the real issues which we must always take heed of.
Off course the issue of particular countries being too dominant in regional setups is universal. Observe the proceedings of the European Union Parliament, the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council, the African League of Nations and any other international or regional organisations and you will realize that this is a fact of regionalism, international relations and even everyday livelihood of human beings, that, we as a people and nation must deal with- and tread carefully we must. That’s what makes international relations, regionalism and communalism always ever lively and dynamic.
So my first point which Mr. Alp has failed drastically to address was that, he may well be speaking of the truth- good on you! But, who cares about that particular truth. The reality is that at this juncture that constructed truth of his is of no interest, good or benefit at all to the people of Solomon Islands. So if he doesn’t mind, can he just keep it to himself and whoever he is being the messenger for? Off course as I have said in my earlier letter, others have also raised similar issues in the past- so Mr. Alp, please know that these information is not new to us! But people who have done so have raised these issues based on reasonable grounds, not on unhelpful and distorted fabrications.
As Mr. Alp may have read, in my previous letter my concerns were not entirely about his views about the issue of sovereignty and state legitimacy. I have also raised some concerns regarding other perspectives he raised in some of his many lengthy articles to the media on issues of rural development, economic and structural reforms in Solomon Islands. The irony is that in his response Mr. Alp has deliberately avoided addressing any of these concerns. But, these, to me were the ‘pertinent’ arguments of my letter- important and relevant to the content and context of Solomon Islands. I find it quite self-indulgent of him to choose only to respond to the peripheral points which I have raised.
His non-response to these points to me, is a clear indication that he may have eventually realized that bulk of his ideas on rural development, economic and structural reforms in Solomon Islands are irrelevant, hence superficial to the realities and context of Solomon Islands polity. Yet he chooses to use very patronizing, denigrating and intimidating tone and vocabulary in his arguments.

Mr. Alp may view my opinions as “uneducated” and I respect that because it is his opinion, and I do not care less. But the truth is that I do not have to acquire a university degree to feel and comprehend the realities of my society.
While I do totally appreciate foreign experts genuinely coming into the country to help us, I do not accept people who are here only to stir up uneasiness and insecurity in society. If you are in Solomon Islands for a specific ‘good’ then let it be. But just don’t turn that ‘good’ into ‘bad’ for we have had enough ‘bad’ already in our system to tolerate anymore.

We do not need any more ‘Rambos’! What we need are people who advocate for harmony, joy, peace, progress and prosperity in society.  
As for Mr. Alp, I am looking forward to hearing more from him of his widely publicized mining initiative in Solomon Islands. I have learned through the media that he had also, coincidently, made a trip to Makira , my home island, accompanied by our current good MP for West Makira and the current PM’s Media Secretary (both founding trustees of the Direct Development Party)- during the campaign period of the recent general elections to talk with people there about his intended work in the Solomon’s mining industry. For that, I wish him well!

Yours truly 

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