Sunday, January 16, 2011


As shown in the following news item from SIBC, FIFA is giving some more money for SIFF to help develop soccer further in the country.

Hopefully the money will be spent to make sure that the proposed National Soccer League runs smoothly and successfully, or otherwise for any tangible.

The problem however has been that with the millions of dollars that SIFF has been receiving over the years, not much has been done in terms of development; not only on infrastructure but also in the marketing and social development of the game.

If this status quo is unchanged even with the millions of dollars poured in by FIFA and OFC every year nothing much will change and soccer in Solomon Islands will continue to be in a downward spiral, as it is now

[SIBC News, 16 January 2010] - Solomon Islands Football Federation has started 2011 with a welcome millions of dollars bonus in its income revenue thanks to the Federation of International Football Association, FIFA.
Oceania Football Confederation, OFC, says the bonus is more than two-point-three million dollars given to each Member Association. 
This is different from the money that will be given to OFC.
Yesterday at the 21st OFC Ordinary Congress in American Samoa, FIFA President Joseph S Blatter announced that extra profits from the 2010 FIFA World Cup would be distributed across the region for development purposes. 
Blatter confirmed that a special bonus of about 19-point-five million dollars million to add to the about 39 million dollars that the Confederation was projected to receive from FIFA during 2011. 

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