Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Solo lost second game, to Tahiti

Solomon Islands has lost their second game when they could not find their goal-finishing touches in a 2 -1 loss to Tahiti.

Both teams were evenly matched in terms of technicality and pace, but the Tahitians got the height and size advantage.

Solomon Islands got countless chances to score goals but they never capitalised on any of their chances in the first half of the game.

The Solomon Islands goalkeeper had a day mixed with good and bad karma.

Whilst he may have made a few brilliant saves throughout the game, his careless handling of the ball at times may have cost Solomon Islands their first loss of the tournament.

He conceded an own goal and made a spill that could have been converted into a goal had it not been for the alertness of the Junior Albert at the defence who made a goal -saving tackle right at the goal mouth of Solomon Islands.

Obviously an area that the Solomon Islands coaching staff has to work on to improve before the next games is at the front and the ability of the strikers to score goals.

Solomon Islands has most of the chances in the game to score goals. The problem was that they never utlilised them.

If they are to win they have to go back to the basics and start putting points on the scoreboard.

As for now, we wish them well in their upcoming games.

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